Public Speaking Opportunities

By admin, October 25, 2015

I’ve spoken publicly at many conferences including keynote addresses and welcome the opportunity to speak select events and conferences, just email me at: with your proposal. As a thought leader in the area of digital – especially in Financial Services and Travel, i’ve most recently presented at the Eye for Travel conferences, some examples are below:


With Arthur Hoffman, CEO of Sanoma Digital a Top 5 European Publisher.

How Mobile is Turning Search on its Head(Link)

Eye For Travel’s Online Marketing Strategies for Travel Summit

March 17, 2015

In the new mobile enabled world, consumers no longer go straight to Google to start their travel search. Learn how to adapt your search strategy and avoid losing your customers. Understand the new rules of travel search via mobile. How do they differ via tablet? What are the pros and cons of mobile advertising? Are customers more likely to purchase from you if they start their search on a browser rather than an app? Learn how to adapt your search strategy to the context and location of the customer’s search query.



Online Travel Agencies, Metasearch And The Drive For Direct Bookings(Link)

Digital Travel Summit

February 17, 2015

Place yourself in the shoes of your customer and take a journey through six stages: dreaming, research & planning, booking, preparation, experience (on property/at airport/destination) and loyalty. Think differently about both digital marketing and how your organization should be aligned.


Online Distribution: How to sell more to the evolving traveller(Link)

Eye for Travel, Travel Distribution Summit

September 11, 2014

Source the right inventory, manage your distribution channels, prove your marketing works and grow your upsell revenues

Travel companies are always striving for growth whilst driving down their costs. Find out about revenue-generating tactics you can immediately employ to sell more to your digitally evolving consumer in a cost-effective, highly scalable, and fast way.


Profit from Partnerships: Use Other Brands to Leverage Bookings and Improve Loyalty(Link)

Eye for Travel, Travel Distribution Summit

September 24, 2013

With many travel brands trending towards partnerships, collaborations and even mergers, are you making the most of the options available?

Discover the benefits of partnerships both within the travel industry and outside:

*Shared loyalty: Discover independent loyalty programmes that could help you leverage new business
* Learn how to offer more through partnerships without remaining competitive
* Figure out which partnerships make sense for your business- who are you looking for, and why?


Using Search engine marketing to effectively reduce the cost of new customer acquisitions and increase profitability.(Link)

Yahoo! Search Marketing

August 1, 2006

Using search engine marketing to rapidly grow acquisition and drive company growth whilst also keeping a firm hold of profitability, Bryan Lip explains how using Yahoo’s search PPC tools since 2005 have delivered 10x greater efficiencies as compared to offline channels.