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By admin, October 25, 2015

Hotel Miles®, founded is a content and community driven travel site we’ve consulted to, which also trawls through 100’s of hotel booking websites from large online travel agencies through to the hotels themselves in just one click. We plan to shortly launch phase 2, which will allow our users the freedom to book any hotel in our platform and earn a bank of “hotelmiles” which they can later convert into miles with the airline frequent flyer loyalty program of their choice.


Hotel Miles® is part of a portfolio of over 100 domains which create content and monetize traffic via arbitrage. Check out some of our other sites such as,,, and

Search the world’s largest hotel sites and compare & prices in one click!

Hotel Miles® is also one of the world’s largest meta-search engines for hotels as well as an informational site – it has over 800,000 hotels worldwide, we allow you to compare prices from 100s of Hotel Booking websites in just ONE click to find the very best price, for the room type you want.


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